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Human Factors Lab

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Beckman Institute as seen from the Engineering Quad
Located at the Beckman Institute in Urbana, IL, the Human Factors lab is run by Dr. Daniel Morrow, professor of Educational Psychology.

Most generally, we investigate learning and cognition across the lifespan as it plays out in complex domains at home and work. More specifically, we examine the influence age-related cognitive and health literacy differences in communication, comprehension, decision making, and other key processes essential to daily function.

Projects include examining how the impact of health literacy on comprehension and decision making depends on cognitive ability and knowledge among older adults with chronic illness. This work informs approaches to improving patient education by designing more effective web-based health information.

We also investigate the impact of health technology on both patient self-care and provider delivery of care. The most general goal of our research is to improve self-care (such as taking medications) and health outcomes among older adults. These interdisciplinary projects leverage expertise in computer science, medicine, human factors, and education.